WYNners Group

WYNners is a group of like-minded business people on Auckland’s North Shore who meet weekly for lunch, knowledge sharing and networking.

From humble beginnings of a couple of mates meeting for lunch each Wednesday, WYNners has grown to now boast over 22 regularly attending members. At WYNners (Widen Your Network) members are encouraged to share ideas, business problems and we all happily refer the businesses of our members on to our own clients and friends.

joeOur current Chairperson is Joe Hoonhout;
Previous Chairpersons include;
Paul Connolly & Greg Frittelli;

Founding Members include;
Greg Frittelli, Dave Pretorius, Cedric Braby, Martin Abert & Colin Kennedy – thank you all!

Our current Secretary is Martin Abert (feel free to email me if you wish to visit, or would like more information).
Our current Treasurer is Greg Frittelli.

Recent News


    AS A BUSINESS HOW MUCH SHOULD WE BE SPENDING ON INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY As a small business owner this is not a question you have probably considered. The correct answer is not too much and not too little. If you are a more established SME or a larger company then you are probably preparing annual budgets The post HOW MUCH SHOULD WE SPEND ON IT appeared first on WYNners Group.

  • WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy

    WhatsApp has released a new privacy policy which ALL users must accept or risk losing access to their account.  This new policy has far reaching impact for those who are careful on the privacy of their data.  Below is a comprehensive explanation of the policy and how it impacts all WhatsApp user. When is WhatsApp The post WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy appeared first on WYNners Group.

  • User Interface

    Don’t forget it’s a User that uses your User Interface not you or your designer   In this day and age we keep hearing the terms User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI). These are terms given to different aspects of how we interact as humans with a product whether it be physical or digital. For The post User Interface appeared first on WYNners Group.

  • Zoom to the Rescue

    As many of the platforms users will know Zoom has a limit of 40 minutes on its free license.  Most business users will have realised this for the first time during an important call with a customer or an investor when suddenly the call ends.  Panicking you try to get a new call setup and The post Zoom to the Rescue appeared first on WYNners Group.

  • 2021 Mazda BT-50 is set to impress with new lineup

    WITH roots extending back to the domestic launch of the Mazda B1500 B-series truck in August 1961, the BT-50 line boasts a long history, even among other models in the Mazda family. While fulfilling its original role as a cargo hauler, Mazda’s pickup truck has evolved over the years to become a utility vehicle making The post 2021 Mazda BT-50 is set to impress with new lineup appeared first on WYNners Group.


    During the Covid-19 Pandemic about 88% of all companies implemented mandatory work from home for all employees and many of these will offer WFH as an ongoing option for employees. Many of these organisations prior to the pandemic did not even know what WFH was let alone permitted employees to do it. This means that The post YOUR COMPANY IS AT RISK FROM WFH appeared first on WYNners Group.

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