WYNners Group

WYNners is a group of like-minded business people on Auckland’s North Shore who meet weekly for lunch, knowledge sharing and networking.

From humble beginnings of a couple of mates meeting for lunch each Wednesday, WYNners has grown to now boast over 22 regularly attending members. At WYNners (Widen Your Network) members are encouraged to share ideas, business problems and we all happily refer the businesses of our members on to our own clients and friends.

joeOur current Chairperson is Joe Hoonhout;
Previous Chairpersons include;
Paul Connolly & Greg Frittelli;

Founding Members include;
Greg Frittelli, Dave Pretorius, Cedric Braby, Martin Abert & Colin Kennedy – thank you all!

Our current Secretary is Martin Abert (feel free to email me if you wish to visit, or would like more information).
Our current Treasurer is Greg Frittelli.

Recent News


    Phishing Attack! Attempts to gain access to your data through illegal means is an activity that is increasing at an almost exponential pace.  To put this into perspective a new Phishing site is launched every 20 seconds.  The bad guys attempts to get your data is getting ever more innovative. For example you may receive The post KEEP UP WITH THE BAD GUYS appeared first on WYNners Group.


    So the D-Biz has been open for applications for almost 1 month now and the rumours are that there have been 10,000 applications already submitted.  I cannot verify this but if everyone has applied for the full amount of 300,000 that would mean 3 Billion in funding requests which since the programme has only 500 The post D-BIZ EXPECTATION MANAGEMENT appeared first on WYNners Group.


    Here is a great deal complete with a whole bunch of accessories to get you started!  Includes $5000 worth of accessories  Tradie Pack includes: Canopy|Hard Lid, Deck Liner, 3 Bar Roof Rack, Towbar, First Aid kit and Fire Extinguisher.  Disclaimer: Available for “Business Use Clients” only. These are Indicative non-maintained lease prices and do not constitute a quote. Prices shown The post NEED A NEW UTE? appeared first on WYNners Group.

  • June Specials

    June Specials are based on special deals with our vehicle partners, John Andrew Ford and Giltrap Skoda which is available exclusively through Driveline. Click here to read the full article: June Specials The post June Specials appeared first on WYNners Group.

  • Introducing the Navara N- Trek Warrior

    The Nissan Navara N-TREK Warrior is based off the ST-X 450 Edition launched in July 2019. All new specifications are replacing or in addition to the Navara ST X 450. THE ULTIMATE OFF-ROAD TRUCK The N-TREK Warrior is our toughest and most durable truck yet. Based off the Navara N-TREK, it is locally engineered & The post Introducing the Navara N- Trek Warrior appeared first on WYNners Group.

  • The time to focus on cash flow is now!

    Over the past few weeks, we have been contacting our existing clients as a direct response to the Covid-19 crisis and working closely with them to put together not only some relief packages to get them through the next 3-6 months but also some great finance deals on new and more interestingly 2nd hand cars The post The time to focus on cash flow is now! appeared first on WYNners Group.

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