Joe Hoonhout

IT Solutions Ltd.

Phone: +64 21 924877
Fax: +64 9 6304716

Professional Background

Originally from Holland, I came to New Zealand in 1975 with my parents and two brothers. Our family first settled in Tokoroa and after completing my University studies in Hamilton I shifted to Auckland. I am now based in Epsom with my wife and a family of 3 school-aged children. I have worked for more than 20 years in the computer industry.

IT Solutions Ltd

IT Solutions Ltd was founded in 1995. We design, implement and maintain computer systems.

Our customers have ranged from home-office based setups with a single computer, to large globally connected companies with more than 100 networked devices on a single site.

Our mission is to provide pro-active and secure IT solutions for our customers. When we design systems, we take inevitable equipment failure into account. This means that a system designed and maintained by us is prepared for failure and is therefore able to be restored more quickly.

We view regular communication with our clients as essential. We will translate the IT jargon into understandable English. A big part of our service is to understand your business needs and to match those needs with the appropriate technical solutions. We strive to provide professional long-term strategic advice and support services for our customers.

Call me to arrange a no-obligation assessment of your current computer system.