Sare Carpenter

Wellness Revolution


“I wasn’t sure what to expect from a trainer so reservations were around goals that might be set and other support I would receive – I was keen to make sure goals set aligned with what I wanted which was to get in better shape to have a baby and generally feel better.

Sare clearly listened to what I wanted to achieve and set goals that were personal to me. I feel I have gained much more than that, the transformation of my mental health has been the most rewarding experience.

I could not be more thankful to have signed up with Sare, its been a truly mind and body transformation which I think needs to go hand in hand for any meaningful change to take place.”

– Carol


I remember a meeting that has changed the way I think today! After stepping over the 100kg mark and giving myself a good talking to I thought its about time I did something about it so upon reading of the 20 week challenge 12 months ago and because of her diligent self marketing plan I was fortunate enough to meet Sare who put me at ease right from the minute I met her.

My goal was just to get through the 20 weeks and given that I hadn’t done anything physical in the 6 years previous and had never enlisted the services of a Personal Trainer I wasn’t sure if I was going to last given that I don’t like being told what to do.

After a couple of months in Sare’s care I left sessions looking forward to the next and the possibilities ahead due to a well designed regime that includes encouragement, positivity & laughing as part of a program which was already showing very favourable results.

It was at that time I decided that the 20 week challenge was only the beginning so have now been in Sare’s care for nearly 12 months. I didn’t see the 20 week challenge as a competition so when I was a finalist in 2 Category’s it put a huge smile on my dial for a job well done which would not of been possible without the PT who puts me through the assignments each week.

Soon I will attempt to run 10Km in under an hour which was something I could do 14 years ago. Now at 54 years young it should be a lot harder but my latest results tell me I am stronger and 15kg lighter than I was 12 months ago so this challenge will be fun.

In short, I think about life better nowadays and can now look at the person I see in the mirror with a smile again. Thanks Sare! I would not have got here without you buddy!”

– Dion


“Working out with Sare is the highlight of my exercise week – I look forward to her wicked sense of humour (which almost makes the painful bits endurable!). Sare is results focussed but makes the process varied and interesting and she really understands both my strengths and challenges! Sare is intent on making you own your goals and celebrate them too! ”

– Robbie


“Sare is an amazing coach!! I’ve always looked forward to our sessions together, they are also fun, motivating and goal achieving. Sare is professional and passionate about helping others achieve their goals. We built a great friendship and loved receiving encouraging texts to keep me focused. Highly recommend training with Sare”

– Sam


Also, I wanted to say thank you for giving me the kind of training that is “gentle and strong” like I asked for. You really listened to me from the start and I appreciate more than anything the gentle approach you’re taking with me while I continue to get my mental strength and exhaustion back on track. I said to my partner last night “Sare is actually good for my mental health”. So, thank you.~ K