Education Schedule

Traditionally, we’ve enjoyed a 10 minute educational slot from an expert member or guest, but why learn from one when you can learn from many?

So each week we’ll be asking members to share their collective wisdom and experience on a particular business related or important topic – and the clock will be ticking to keep us to time.  Bound to be lively – jump in join the fun!  (Please note topics are subject to change)


Upcoming Potential Education Topics:

18/11/2020 Sir Graham Lowe & Westpac Economist Satish Ranchhod, examining the business climate and the latest economic data and forecasts.

How to negotiate a great deal – do’s and don’ts

Future market positioning – how do you pre-empt future changes in your industry so you can stay on top?

Copyright – your experience, what do we need to know?


Previous Education Topics:

16/11/2016 Jason Willis, introduced Mark Unwin from iGenerate to educate us on solar power

09/11/2016 Michael McCook, introduced Brooke Peirce to educate us in breathing techniques

13/04/2017 Paul Tobin on impact of the newly introduced Health & Safety legislation

20/04/2017 Digby Noyce, Key indicators to guard against insolvency

27/04/2017 Greg Frittelli,  Effective allocation of your business resources

09/05/2017 Paul Connolly, Road Code – understanding the new give way rules

16/05/2017 Erin Adkins, Graphic Formats – understanding image and logo file formats

30/05/2017 John Bento, Top tips for making your ideal holiday

13/06/2017 Wayne Barnett, Understanding DVD RW

18/07/2017 Martin Abert – Using LinkedIn

06/11/2017 Paul Tobin – A little story about really good leads…

20/11/2017 Wayne Barnett – Cost Effective Binding for Presentations.

06/03/2018 Online scams – what’s out there, what have you seen, how do you protect yourself / staff / your family?

20/03/2019 Rosemarie Brown – Bayside Mediation & Strategies