Education Schedule

Traditionally, we’ve enjoyed a 10 minute educational slot from an expert member or guest, but why learn from one when you can learn from many?

So on a bi-annual basis we’ll be asking members to share their collective wisdom and experience on a particular business related or important topic – and the clock will be ticking to keep us to time.  Bound to be lively – jump in join the fun!  (Please note topics are subject to change)


Upcoming Potential Education Topics:

How to negotiate a great deal – do’s and don’ts

Future market positioning – how do you pre-empt future changes in your industry so you can stay on top?

Copyright – your experience, what do we need to know?


Previous Education Topics:

21/04/2021 – Karen Chhour (quarterly Education slot) – ACT Party list member of parliament

18/11/2020 Sir Graham Lowe & Westpac Economist Satish Ranchhod, examining the business climate and the latest economic data and forecasts.

20/03/2019 Rosemarie Brown – Bayside Mediation & Strategies

06/03/2018 Online scams – what’s out there, what have you seen, how do you protect yourself / staff / your family?

20/11/2017 Wayne Barnett – Cost Effective Binding for Presentations.

06/11/2017 Paul Tobin – A little story about really good leads…

18/07/2017 Martin Abert – Using LinkedIn

13/06/2017 Wayne Barnett, Understanding DVD RW

30/05/2017 John Bento, Top tips for making your ideal holiday

16/05/2017 Erin Adkins, Graphic Formats – understanding image and logo file formats

09/05/2017 Paul Connolly, Road Code – understanding the new give way rules

27/04/2017 Greg Frittelli,  Effective allocation of your business resources

20/04/2017 Digby Noyce, Key indicators to guard against insolvency

13/04/2017 Paul Tobin on impact of the newly introduced Health & Safety legislation

16/11/2016 Jason Willis, introduced Mark Unwin from iGenerate to educate us on solar power

09/11/2016 Michael McCook, introduced Brooke Peirce to educate us in breathing techniques