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About iPower

At iPower Ltd our focus is on systems integration and ease of use for end users. We are passionate about technology, and fascinated with the almost unlimited possibilities for making homes smarter with home automation control.

iPower truly believes that home automation is not just a luxury for the very wealthy, but an integral part of any modern home, so we strive to make our services affordable. We are especially interested in making homes more energy efficient, saving you money in the long run, but also in making your home a real pleasure to live in.

It is equally important to us that your smart home is able to grow with you, so future proofing is important in the planning process. And its easy – home automation control can be adding to a new build, or retro-fitted to an existing home.

Chris Du Toit is the owner and director of iPower, which he started at the beginning of 2011. He is very passionate about what he does, always researching and testing new technology, so his customers can be sure that any product he recommends, he would be happy to put in his own home (and likely has).

Chris loves to talk, but is also very good at listening to his customers to ascertain their particular needs, and to provide them with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions regarding their home automation.

A testament to Chris and his willingness to go the extra mile, is that his previous customers become his good friends! (Check out our testimonials.)

Qualifications and Experience

Chris qualified as an Electrician in 1990, and gained a NZCEE equivalent qualification. He has always specialized in electronic technologies, starting with micro-processor controlled traffic lights in 1991.

Chris moved to New Zealand from South Africa in 1997. Since then, most of his work in NZ has been involved in the aged care / healthcare industry, specialising in Emergency Call solutions. He has also been instrumental in introducing Text to Voice technology to this industry and focussing especially on integration of various platforms in and around Emergency Call systems.

Chris is married with three kids, living on the North Shore of Auckland.

Contact Us

Seeing and experiencing home automation is much better than discussing it over the phone, or reading about it on a website. We encourage you to make an appointment with Chris to discuss face to face the possibilities for your home and your budget. He loves to meet with potential customers in his own home, where he can show you first-hand some of these possibilities. Call Chris on 021 476 433.