People join WYNners…

  • To develop relationships with other business people.
  • To build a support structure with other business people.
  • As a forum to explore ideas, business opportunities and solve problems.
  • To ask for and offer advice.
  • To increase their exposure to other businesses – to broaden their networks.
  • To obtain referrals to grow their business.


10 Commandments

To accomplish this…

  1. Regular attendance is required. Your face is your place. WYNners is like a client appointment in your diary. Members are encouraged to send a substitute from their business if they are unable to attend.
  2. Members who have a history of failing to attend regularly (each week is expected) may have their membership revoked without recourse or refund, at the Chairperson’s discretion.
  3. Members are encouraged to WYN (catching up with other members on a one-on-one basis) once a week, especially if they are serious about referrals.
  4. Membership no longer requires any initial joining fee.  Members only commit to paying $40/ month either annually, or by installments using automatic online transfer on the 1st of each month.  This fee covers the website maintenance, venue hire and the wine raffle weekly, as well as an annual Xmas party and other occasional expenses as agreed by the group.
  5. Members must be proactive in growing relationships within the WYNners group, through attending social events and having regular WYNs.
  6. Each member has the right to confidentially ‘blackball’ a prospective new member, by emailing the Chairperson. Blackball notifications must be delivered to the Chairperson before 4PM on the Friday following the prospective member’s presentation.
  7. The Chairperson is appointed for life and the position is relinquished only when the Chairperson wishes to step down.
  8. The group will strive to achieve an average of 25 active members.
  9. Members are encouraged to actively try to find a referral for the hosting member, for the meeting of the week following their presentation.
  10. From time to time WYNners can have a guest speaker. They may be invited by the chairperson or the host for that week. A guest speaker is instead of – not additional to – the host’s 15 minute presentation allowance, unless they are invited to speak during the 10-minute education slot.


Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome from the Chairperson, introduction of any guests, and an explanation of procedures.  Secretary announces apologies received.
  2. Check in – members are encouraged to summarise their business and name the kind of referrals they are looking for that week. This time can also be used to report any successes. Each check-in should ideally be around 30 seconds, and no more than one minute.
  3. Host’s 15 minute slot. This slot can be used to talk about their business, discussion, brainstorming, problem solving, education, guest speaker etc. At the Host’s discretion.
  4. Education 10 minute slot.  This slot can be taken by any member or an invited speaker, to provide education to the group.  This is not a sales opportunity but is a genuine opportunity to provide education in a field of expertise. The chairperson is responsible for ensuring that this time-slot is not abused for unashamed self-promotion.
  5. General business. If anybody wants to raise something under general business, it should ideally be raised with the Chairperson no later than the day before the meeting.
  6. Raps and referrals. Each member is encouraged to talk (ideally for no more than 1 minute) on at least one of the below subjects. This is a very important part of the meeting, it is used to:
    1. Compliment fellow members on a job well done
    2. Make any announcements
    3. Report back on WYNs
    4. Give a referral
  7. The secretary announces the host and the venue for the next meeting and the chairperson wraps up the meeting.