Erin Adkins

Hi, Erin, many thanks for the fast delivery of our Dampchaser labels.

Its indeed refreshing to deal with you and your company in such a professional manner.
I’m very pleased with the product, the price and the speed of delivery and also for keeping me informed through this process.
I think you are a shining example of how a company should operate but I’m afraid there are so many out there that don’t have the foggiest.
We are only a small company but I will certainly make sure I get any printing sent your way and will defiantly pass the word on.

Many thanks,
Martin Brett go the extra yard to keep customers satisfied!  So says Sam Henderson the Creative Director at Two Nil.  When faced with a printing job that was using a 4 colour process black and potential implications of ink saturation and registration of the ink channels and how it could cause the text to appear blurry, Erin gave that feedback to Sam prior to doing the print run for them.  Here is the response:-

Hi Erin,

My previous printer would’ve just proceeded with the job without telling me the implications, so thanks letting me know – I really appreciate it.

Sam Henderson Creative Director