You may have noticed that our tagline is to feel alive and thrive. 


My big question is why just exist when you could thrive? And interestingly enough, since I embraced this way of thinking my life has gotten significantly better, in just about every way.


What would it take for you to thrive?

The question, What would it take for you to thrive?’ inspires some really interesting conversations. One of the many reasons I love my work is that the answers are all unique to each person. 


Sure there are similar themes that come up again and again, but there are always subtle differences which makes the intersection between health and happiness exciting to me because it’s unique to everyone. 


One thing I’ve noticed though is that often when I ask people what thriving would look like for them, they’re so used to the daily grind that they don’t know what it is that they ultimately want. 


The cool thing is, I’ve found people are usually crystal freaking clear on what they don’t want.


The steady creep of dissatisfaction

What it boils down to is that we get stuck, we feel frustrated, we don’t know what we don’t know and so we don’t know what it is that we need to do to change. 


That’s assuming we even recognise that we’re stuck at all. 


Frequently these changes happen so gradually we don’t even notice.


No one wakes up one morning 10kg heavier, that extra weight creeps on slowly over months and years. 


The occasional after work drink to relax that becomes a daily habit, then increases from one drink to 3-4 beers or a bottle of wine at the end of every day.


We don’t love our job one day and hate it with intense dread the next. Again, that level of dread builds over time.


Sure we’ve all had ‘one of those days’ The days where you feel totally unappreciated, or you have an encounter with a coworker that really pisses you off, that’s totally normal. 


Then there’s the energy vampires who leave you feeling beaten down and devoid of energy when you spend too much time with them. The people who are always wanting something from you but give nothing in return. 


The people who don’t have their own shit together and instead of owning it, project their problems onto you.  Sadly we don’t always spot these people right away. 


Over time, if we have enough of these types of days, with the wrong people, in the wrong environments without addressing the root of the problem, the discontent festers quietly, eating away at us from the inside.


We get stuck

On some level we’re aware that we should do something, that life isn’t going quite as we’d hoped, but because we don’t know what to do or how to best address the problems we get stuck.


Our stress response also gets stuck to ON and our mind and body never get time to recover, repair and restore.


Anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, increased anger and irritability, trouble sleeping, lack of motivation and energy all show up when we’re stuck.


Get unstuck


Let me say with complete honesty, all of the above have happened to me at least once in my life.


I’ve spent too much time with the wrong people, in jobs that were incredibly unsatisfying, and tried to numb my feelings through food and alcohol and generally sticking my head in the sand. 


Wouldn’t you know before I knew it, I felt stuck, or in other words FUCD!


A nice little acronym for the Fear, Uncertainty, Chaos and Doubt we get caught up in. 


Through years of my own trials and errors I determined that I needed to get wise to the fact that in order to feel alive and thrive, first I needed to get un-FUCD.


My own experiences, learning from others and working with some amazing people has enabled me to create some badass frameworks that I use with my clients to gain clarity.


I mean there’s existing and there’s living. Your version of thriving will be different to mine, and that’s exciting. 


To thrive you have to let go of the shit that’s limiting your potential, your life and your goals and dreams for the future. 


Your past has served you to a point, now it’s time to step into your vision of the future with purpose and direction.


Quick question: What’s your usual answer when someone asks how you’re doing?


Is it typically a one word answer like fine, okay, alright?


To me that indicates that you’re not thriving. 


That’s a default answer because either you’re kidding yourself that your life is better than it actually is or, and in my experience this is most often the case, you don’t even know that you’re stuck. 


Why settle for average when you could be freaking awesome?


True story…

The other day a friend asked how I was doing, my reply…

I’m bloody brilliant!


After the initial look of shock her immediate reply was to ask, why, what have you been up to, I know you’re generally good, but why so good? 


You see, I reckon that people have gotten conditioned to settling for fine, and well, the non conformist in me just doesn’t want to settle. Screw that!


I don’t want to be fine, ok, or average, I want to feel fucking epic! 

Wanna join me? Let’s chat!