There are always areas in life where insufficient knowledge and understanding of a specialist topic create a need for collaboration. IT is one of those areas for HFG. Outsourcing those responsibilities to Function Eight is the most cost-effective and sensible way of meeting our needs. Given our straightforward modus operandi, there is little need for full-time capability, so we look for a company that promises to be there as and when we need them. Function Eight are that company. They are dependable, consistently on hand within a reasonable timeframe and religiously service our infrequent- though usually, business interrupting – IT headaches. They act with professionalism and take a thorough approach to their work. They are above all else, proactive, anticipating, and intercepting niggles before they arise to ensure our IT runs seamlessly throughout the year. It’s lovely to deal with a truly customer-centric organization.

Russell West
Managing Director – International

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