Ever notice how everything in life is better when you feel energised and alive compared to when you’re tired, stressed and dragging your ass?


What would it look like for you to live life on your terms? To feel energised every day, to have awesome relationships, body confidence, and consistently perform at your best? 


Think about that for a second…


How fucking epic would that be?


If you could have all of that, in a way that works just for you, that would mean you were thriving right?. 


And the cool thing about that is that it looks totally unique for every single one of us. 


But do you really want it??? And what could it mean for you?Let’s break that down a little…


Living life on your terms 

This is so completely individual and it really comes down to – yes you’ve guessed it  – what’s most important to you. Your personal values and the actions you take to integrate these values into your daily life.


Your values and how you define them is as unique as your fingerprint. You and I may both value health, for me that looks like doing daily meditation for my mental health, daily exercise for my physical health and allowing time and monitoring the effectiveness of my sleep.


For you it may be that health is maintaining a certain weight that you’re happy with, doing 10000 steps a day and drinking 8 glasses of water.


Or it could be being fit enough to play the sports you love and enjoy an after game beer free of guilt. 


You see how different that can look for different people?


Feeling energised

This is a great one, as we tend to think that what energised means for us is the same for everyone.


For some people having the energy to bounce out of bed and hit the gym early in the day, is exactly what they need to feel vital. These early birds thrive in the mornings and stay energised by regular movement throughout the day. 


Not having that energy burst in the morning can be detrimental to their health.


At the other end of the spectrum you have the people who draw energy from having a slower, more chill start to the day. Not being bombarded early in the morning means that these guys and gals have plenty of energy later in the day, rather than getting to lunch time and feeling like crap.


Then there are those who feel consistently energised throughout the day without peaking in the morning or afternoon. Maintaining steady energy all day helps them to feel amazing. 


What happens when you get this wrong is the constant feeling of tiredness, maybe some brain fog, your performance slows and everything is just a little duller. You always feel like you’re playing catch up and never quite get to where you want to be. 

Awesome relationships


As humans we’re designed to connect, we all need it on some level, and obviously awesome relationships are complex.


More than just your basic introverts and extroverts, there are people who make you feel good, lift you up, who get you and inspire you.


And there’s the people that don’t, that suck your energy, bring you down and leave you feeling drained. 


Then we add in communication, which is an essential component of building great relationships. 


To take your communication to the next level, it’s really inspiring if you can convey information in a way that the other party likes to receive it as opposed to the way in which you like to give it. 


Think about a time when someone has been trying to explain something to you and they’ve tried lots of different ways but you still just don’t get it! 


Then the next day someone else tries explaining the exact same thing but they say it in a way that you understand, that resonates with how you think and process. 


They’re both describing the same thing, but through their own personal lens. 


See how powerful it would be if you could do that with all the people that matter to you?


Then there’s employing the classic stoic quote: You have two ears and one mouth and it’s best to use them in that proportion.


Relationships are as much about listening and being present as they are talking.


Body confidence


Having worked as a personal trainer for years, helping people of all ages shapes and sizes, I can honestly say that all the clients I’ve worked with admitted to improved body confidence on boosting their fitness and understanding of their biological strengths.


The thing is people are under the impression that going to the gym guarantees body confidence. 


But how specifically does going to the gym guarantee body confidence? What specifically do you need to work on to guarantee success?


There is such an amazing variety of body shapes and sizes that a big part of my job is helping people to understand their biology.


When women with a physique designed to be strong and lift heavy weights tell me that they want to look like Jessica Alba, or when a guy who’s ideally built for endurance sports like an iron man tell me they want to bulk up like wolverine, then it’s my job to manage expectations and help them grow confidence in the body they have. 


To embrace their natural biological strengths and all the amazing things that their unique body is designed to excel at.


I’ve found that once people get past all the bullshit body shaming and negative self talk that they tend to pile on because they’re frustrated and pissed off at letting themselves go, when we start where we are and focus on the future, not the past, that is when we make progress. That is when body confidence rises.


Performing at your best


Let me ask you….

What would it mean to you, to your family and to your business if you were to truly feel energised and alive? If you were able to consistently perform at your best, show up as the best version of yourself, to thrive?


Can you see how incredible your life could be? I know you can


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