Are you letting your past define your future?


Maybe you can relate, 


I know that when I’m not feeling energised, when I don’t have a plan, when I don’t have goals and objectives to work towards I can start to feel a bit lost.


When I feel lost I can start to get down on myself, that monkey mind kicks in and I start to lose that self belief I can achieve anything I set my mind to. 


And I can tend towards letting thoughts of the past, past mistakes, past failures dictate my thoughts of the future.

Thoughts like I’ve failed at this already, why will this time be different? Or I don’t have what it takes, maybe I should just settle and not take risks. Living in the past is easier. 


Living in the past won’t rock the boat, won’t hurt anyone, won’t change anything. 


And that last bit is key for me, living in the past doesn’t change anything. 


Nothing changes if nothing changes.


That’s why I’m always banging on about creating a vision for the future. 


Since I learned how to do this effectively, I very rarely default to living in the past, and I certainly never get as low or stay there as long. 


Having this vision means I can bounce back within minutes or hours instead of weeks and months. 


I’d much rather be drawn to creating the future I want rather than being pulled towards the memories of the past. 


I mean isn’t it more exciting to wake up every day feeling amazing and working towards creating a healthy happy life you love than to wake up dragging your ass and getting sucked into the same old habits, behaviours and routines?


My vision of my future is crystal clear to me. I know exactly what I’m working towards in my business this year. I have clear objectives for my physical, mental and spiritual health. For my personal interests and how I spend my time. Importantly I also got specific about the people I want to spend my time with, the relationships I want to nurture. 


Everything in my vision relates to me having amazing health. I need to be at the top of my game to be able to channel my energy, attention and focus into each of the areas that I want to improve. Each of the areas I value and that make me happy.


Without an explicit plan and a clear vision you are really just drifting aimlessly through life, letting life happen to you. I honestly can’t emphasise enough just how important it is to define your vision of your future.


Seriously, how can you get where you want to be if you don’t even know where that is?


Whilst vision boards can be fun, if you don’t have a logical, written plan for your future and action steps to take every single day to make it happen then you need a clearer vision. Book a discovery call today and let’s chat.