Forget the old adage of the early bird catches the worm, you’re not a fucking bird and I sure hope you don’t eat worms.


But that aside, we’re trained from an early age that we should get up early, have breakfast and go to school, or work. When we get older we’re sold the myth that to reach your goals and be more effective we need to get up earlier, sleep less and work harder. 


But imagine if you could be more effective by listening to your biology. 


Imagine if you could feel more energised by following your natural rhythm and not just conforming to the average because that’s what everyone else does. 


Now I have the good fortune of being self employed so I get to keep the hours I like, and I also have the knowledge and freedom to experiment with what my ideal looks and feels like. 


Every year I tweak and change a few things and my lifestyle and energy levels just keep getting better and better. 


To be honest though it doesn’t matter if you’re employed or you work for yourself but it is incredibly helpful to know if you’re really an early bird, or, as in my case more of a night owl.


Sure you may not get the choice of the hours you work, you may still have to do the school run, but you can still optimise how you start and end your day so that it’s more in sync with your natural body rhythm or chronobiology.


See this rhythm is not just about what time you get up and go to bed it also influences your hunger cues and appetite, the timing of exercise that’s most beneficial for your body, your sleep and your body temperature, the time of day your mental performance is at it highest.


As you can tell it’s kinda important!


Now if you’re not actually an early bird, but you’re living that early bird lifestyle, what you’re unknowingly doing is adding undue stress to your system. 


This can appear in ways that you don’t even notice. It’s like the slow drip of water that erodes rock, it’s almost imperceptible from day to day but over time your body will start to rebel in strange ways. 


It might be inflammation of the joints, bad skin, head congestion that doesn’t want to shift, or you may experience digestive problems, muscle spasms or nervous fatigue. 


But hold up, before you start panicking that you are irreversibly fucking yourself over, take a breathe and know that there are always ways that you can adapt your lifestyle to your biological preferences.


This is in fact is a huge part of the work I do with my clients, and it’s so important because 95% of health is determined by our lifestyle and environments which in turn triggers which of our genes are turned on and off. 


Which is epic news because it means that by adapting our lifestyle and environments to best suit our unique biological preferences, health becomes a skill that we can learn – come on, how awesomely freaking cool is that ???


I work with clients that wake early, enjoy a quite peaceful start to the day which allows them to plan, gather their thoughts and set up the day in a way that’s right for them before everyone else arrives and things get noisy. 


Biologically they fall into more of the night owl category, but we’ve all got to earn a living right.


Starting work at lunchtime like I do most days, isn’t realistic for probably most people, but if you do have to start early, then doing it quietly and on your terms is the next best thing. 


Often all it takes to adapt your lifestyle is a curiosity to experiment and try new things. Which to be honest is also a great analogy for living your best life. 


Staying curious about your own biology, your genetic strengths and talents, and the natural rhythms that help you feel fantastic can be life changing and so much less stressful than trying to follow a generic health plan just because it worked for someone else. 


Ultimately you need to find your own unique sweet spot of optimal health and happiness and that is what the wellness revolution is all about. 


Wanna know more – rebel against average and join the revolution today!