With PlayBook hot on the heels of iPad, the stage is set for an interesting techno-battle.

While Apple’s flat touch-screen tablet computer has captured everyone’s imagination, the BlackBerry PlayBook is proving to be its first real rival.

In keeping with the competition between BlackBerry smart phones and the Apple iPhone, the former hope to poach Apple customers by providing a superior offering at a lower cost, specifically US$320 as opposed to US$439.

Based on the fact that more than seven million iPads have been sold since its April 2010 launch, there is no question about the popularity of the flat-screen computer concept, which can be used to watch videos, read books and browse the Internet, amongst many other uses.

Expectations of this particular service offering are so high that it is predicted we could see more than 60 new tablet versions on the market by the end of this year.

In addition, market researchers reckon we could see a third of all online shopping being done using a tablet computer by 2015.

Speculation is rife on which is the better purchase, with Apple and BlackBerry die-hards vehemently defending their brand of choice.

Early adopters of the iPad have no doubt that Apple’s follow-up version of their tablet computer innovation will continue to surprise and delight its followers, slating BlackBerry’s only claim to fame as their ability to provide Flash.

Click here to have a look at a specification comparison of the two tablets. BlackBerry also released this video on YouTube, so… you be the judge.

One thing is certain – while Apple and BlackBerry battle it out for techno-supremacy, we can rest in the knowledge that our futures as ‘gadgeteers’ are in good hands!

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