In these difficult times many companies are forced into difficult decisions regarding manpower and unfortunately headcounts and cost savings often need to be done.  If you are unfortunately in that situation and you make the conscious decision that part of that reduction involves your IT person then below is the list of the most important credentials and access that you need to ensure you get documented such that anyone else whether an existing internal resource or an outside resource can pick up and put the rest of the information together.  Obviously, there is a lot more than these, but these are the critical ones where without them you could be in a difficult position of not being able to manage your IT properly.

  • Access to your IT persons account for their computer
  • Access to your domain registrar like Network solutions or GoDaddy so that you can keep control of the most important part of your IT, “your domain”.
  • Admin access to your Name Server provider if different from your domain registrar.
  • Admin access to the email server or service provider like Google or Microsoft.
  • Admin access to the website back-end or the provider details if you outsource.
  • Account, contract and contact details for your internet service provider like HKT or PCCW.
  • Admin access to all your office firewall.
  • Admin access to any server in the office.
  • Admin access to any cloud based software solution you use.
  • Admin access to your accounting/payroll software or the provider details if you outsource.

Whilst it would be unfortunate to have to let anyone go it is very important to try to maintain a good relationship with your IT person.  To do this I would recommend incentivising them such that they are available to provide additional information should something be missing.

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