I love digging deeper on people’s vision. 


I get genuinely invested in helping clients achieve their goals. It’s exciting for me to see the transformations that take place as my clients are on the journey to making their visions, their dreams come true.


And that all starts with the discovery process. So often people think they know what they want, they tell me in our initial discovery call that they don’t need to work on their vision, they want to skip straight to cool stuff.


I get it, we all want to skip the basics and get straight to the juicy bit, that’s human nature. 


But every journey requires a starting point and a destination.


Don’t get me wrong, the journey from A to B isn’t always reached via the quickest, shortest, most direct route but you’re 100% more likely to reach point B if you’re super clear on where that point is and what success looks like for you. 


The more specific the better. 


Specifics matter. The destination matters. 


Clarity on your vision matters.


What do you value most in life? What are the areas of your life that are most important? Where do you want to be better? How do you want your health to improve, your fitness and wellbeing to look and feel?


What does your ultimate life look like?


The answers to these questions should roll off your tongue, when asked, you shouldn’t need to think about it.


The problem is we get so caught up in everyday life that we never quite get around to defining the specifics, and this is why my discovery process is invaluable.


Once you’ve defined the big picture, the vision of what success is for you, then we refine down until we reach the details, until you know what actions you need to take to make your vision achievable.


You need to have this stuff written down, and ideally, look at it every single fucking day…


If you don’t have a clearly defined vision, don’t worry you’re not alone. 


I work with plenty of high performers who had to do the work here. It may seem boring and a waste of time, but you’d be amazed at the difference I see in mindset, in posture and bearing, in confidence when clients work through this process.


Setting standards for success can evolve and change as you do, but without them there’s no point in getting to the cool stuff because you won’t know what to do with it, it’s kinda pointless. 


Standards are the actions we take in minutes and moments, the elementary building blocks that keep us on track and in tune with our values, our goals and our vision.


We can’t move on to the cool precision health stuff if you don’t fully understand your vision, your goals and objectives.


And the awesome thing is that for some people this discovery alone is enough to help them take back control and for others it’s the start of a life changing transformation to looking and feeling more amazing than they dreamt possible.


Health is everything! How are you going to ensure you make the most of yours?