Please note that there is a new ransomware outbreak.  It currently seems to have targeted large organisations in Europe and the US with outdated software, but it will gradually make its way to Asia, so we have to be extremely careful.  Even more so than usual!

The current Ransomware outbreak “Petya” is spread through a type of Phishing email scam where emails are written to trick employees into opening them.  Please pay attention to all emails and do not click on links in the email or attachments or download files from suspicious senders.  Please do not use public wi-fi services for business use and be very wary of shortened links in emails as well.

The best way to prevent infection is to be vigilant and ensure you are looking at an email from a genuine sender before you do anything with it.  If you are unsure about a specific email, even if it seems genuine, please call the sender to ensure they sent it.

If you need any other assistance please call FunctionEight on +852 2868-2855

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