Recently I saw an article on the BBC Tech website reporting on a new technology that can waterproof your phone.  There was a video demonstration as well which all worked and it looked amazing.  Too good to be true you may think…  Well obviously no one deliberately drops their phone in water do they?  Or do they??

If you’re one of our very short attention span readers, and I need to convince you to take the time to read this whole article below, then perhaps you need to view the video immediately.


Otherwise read and enjoy in its entirety below..

How about those little mishaps where it drops out of your shirt pocket as you try to flush the toilet, or you knock a glass of water over on your table all over the phone or the best one I heard recently was where someone was annoying the heck out of another person at a dinner party so he picked up her mobile phone and dropped it in a glass of water.  Later he admitted it was an expensive rush of blood to the head.  Needless to say it does happen

Surveys show that 75 percent of Americans bring their mobile phones into the toilet in order to text, play games or surf the web.  While 63 percent of people say they have answered the phone while using the toilet, 41 percent say they’ve used their time on the toilet to specifically make a call.

While this might seem a little strange, it would not be a problem unless of course your beloved mobile phone accidentally lands in the toilet. A study by Plaxo says 19 percent of people surveyed (nearly one out of every five) have, at some point, dropped their mobile phone into the toilet. Note this is Americans we are talking about so I am sure the stats reduce for the rest of the world……While the issue of actually retrieving your dropped phone seems daunting, much more problematic can be repairing your now toilet-water soaked phone.

Anyway modern technology to the rescue along came Liquipel a company from the good old USofA who have developed a system to waterproof your phone.  The process is thus:-

  • You give them your phone and pray it is going to work.
  • They take the back cover, battery and sim card out and place it in a vacuum chamber.
  • They then suck the air out of the chamber and inject their nano-particle substance into the chamber.
  • The particles get sucked into the phone and cover all the insides.
  • You collect your phone 3 hours after you have dropped it off in a pretty bag with a guarantee card.
  • You then go back to the office or home and wonder did it work !!!!!!!

Well the above is exactly what I did with my Samsung Galaxy S3, ok its not brand new or my current mobile.  But last week and in the interest of good tech reporting I decided to test it out by getting it waterproofed and putting my phone in a bucket of water.  We video’d the whole thing and here is the result:-


In the video you will see me laughing that the speaker is not working (phone speaker not me).  Well as an addendum to the video I can confirm that once the phone had drained properly the phone worked perfectly well.

To reiterate a couple of points:-

  1. After you have Liquipel’d your phone we do not recommend you test to see if it worked. Trust it and hope you never have to verify this concern.
  2. If your phone gets wet then switch it off, take out the battery and leave it to dry to 5 hours, preferably overnight.
  3. Under no circumstances try to charge a wet phone until it has thoroughly dried out for at least 24 hours.

I find it quite cool that a brand new technology can use its name as a verb as in Liquipel’d…..  It took years before people started to do that with Google.

Some phone manufactures are offering pre-waterproofed phones straight out of the box using this technology.  I am not sure the warranty effects of doing this so anyone doing it may want to check that our first.

If you are interested in getting this done the good news is that you can now do it in Hong Kong. for Hong Kong and Malaysia. for the rest of the world.

For Hong Kong the address and contacts are:-

Shop 2 G/F, Billion Centre,1 Wang Kwong Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3622 2271
Fax: +852 2110 4526

Cost is around HK$450 for the first device and HK$380 for subsequent devices.

I think all in all this is a good investment, especially if you are prone to getting your phone wet.

Happy dry phone days ahead for me and my team.

Phil Aldridge

Technical Director

FunctionEight Limited.

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