Agile software development

Agile software development started around the early 90s and at that time Waterfall was still the common methodology that was being used. The concept that time was developing an engine (eg Rolls Royce) was the same as software development. 100 pages of scoping and requirements, start building the software,  Quality Assurance and then Deployment. And that method was being used over years, but what was being disregarded was, most of the time, Client or Users are not happy with the output. It seems its not what they wanted but have no choice but to accept it since its the one they approved from the beginning before the development.

Same as what we experienced here in FunctionEight, in early years we were Waterfall and what we have done wrong and most of the web agencies were:

1- We scope the requirements as per client wanted. We follow want the client wants and do not suggest a proper requirements that can solve their problem.

2- We tend to design the User Experience and User Interface based on the developers initiative. We didn’t thought that these area should be done by an expert.

3- We developed the website and show the website to the client once it’s done. Most of the time they are not happy with it, so we end up revamping the whole site which requires a lot of time (same as the development time) and that how we loose money until the client is happy.

4- QC are done after the development. which 60% of the bugs can’t be identify and it will be find out by users later once we went live.

5- Managers don’t have any idea the progress until it finished and during the presentation it is mostly the developers have the knowledge on it.

6- Clients are restricted to more changes, and you think they are happy about it?

7- After live, there are functionalities that are not right due to not proper understanding of the requirements or the system design is not properly evaluated beforehand. This end up patching things which will break the sytem soon.

8- and many to mention…

Then we slowly transformed into Agile after these issues we were encountering