You open an email from a friend or business associate, only to fund a junk mail message that couldn’t possibly have come from that person.

For example, a colleague of mine received an email from a friend which read:

Hello sir.i bought an iphne 4 from this site .: .it is original one if you are interested in more products ,you can go to check and buy it thanks best wishes

It’s very obvious the person listed as the sender did not in fact send this.

The reason why this happened is because his friend’s Hotmail account has been hacked. The hacker is now using the address and history in that Hotmail account to spam his contacts.

The account was probably hacked because the password was not secure enough. Although, it could be for a number of reasons.

The solution is to tell your friend that his or her Hotmail account has been compromised. If it is your account, you need to take the following steps to resolve the problem:
·       Approach Hotmail and verify you are genuinely who you say you are;
·       Get the account terminated;
·       Alternatively you can get the password changed.

Either way, it must be done immediately because the links in the spam email may be dangerous and risk compromising your friend, his or her company and their contacts.

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