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Lot’s of businesses use forms of personality profiling such as DISC, Myers Briggs, 16 Personalities, Clifton Strengths etc. I’ve done a few of these of these myself in the past and learned some great things about my natural strengths and abilities which are scattered in various notebooks in my office.

The whole point of using a profiling tool is to help your team be more efficient, more productive and utilise their natural strengths in your business.

These tests are a great place to start, but the thing is, none of these tests actually give you the exact and totally personalised information you and each member of your team need to live, thrive and function at your best each and every day.

Now you can get all that great information and much much more with ai-powered, evidence-based, behaviour change and healthy habit building workplace profiling.

Sounds cool right? 

So what’s it about? It’s about helping people to be healthier and happier by reaching people where they spend a big chunk of time…in the workplace.

As you’re more than aware, all of your staff are unique and respond to different situations and stressors in their own way. The way that’s defined by their biology.

With this revolutionary technology you can get scheduling insights for each member of your team. Learn and understand the time of day that each member of your team can produce their best work and be most productive, the time of day they’re naturally suited to be social with the team and the time they’re most creative.

You can ensure you have the right people in the right roles building a team based on the desired natural skills required for the role and the biological strengths and weaknesses of the individual. This valuable information can aid in increasing cohesion and innovation and job fulfilment. Not to mention aiding in minimising staff turnover, which costs on average 9 months of salary to find and train a replacement.

You’ll also discover how provide recognition that resonates to each individual, learning which method of recognition, reward, and motivation will inspire based on their genetic predispositions creating a positive culture where employees actually want to spend time at work.

And you get to know the best ways to recognise your stress and release it in a way that works for you, as well as gaining an understanding of what stress looks like for each member of staff. Learning what create’s stress for each person and the best coping strategies for each and crucially, how your team can provide support to each other to reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm in the workspace.

Whatever the size of your company and your goals for the future, you can now give each member of your team access to unprecedented precision wellness support 24/7.  No more scribbled notes about your strengths that you never look at and don’t understand what to do with.

Imagine how serving up simple, clear, customised guidance designed to activate healthy results in each employee at work, and at home could revolutionise your business.

In the current environment where so many are struggling, positive personal contact is everything right now.

As individuals learn about themselves and teams learn about each member, your company grows healthier and you create awareness about personalised health and wellness. This starts conversations and interactions with a shared and common language around health and wellness concepts. A healthy culture and community ecosystem emerges which is the backbone of any successful business. 

I’d love to have a stress free, no obligation chat to explore what precision wellness looks like when customised for your business. 

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