by Phil Aldridge

We seldom use our BlackBerrys in isolation. Generally they’re just one of the things we’re juggling, with a variety of others clamouring for attention.

By using these short cuts, tips and tricks you get to complete tasks quickly:

Replying or forwarding an email / SMS
Open the email or SMS or just have it highlighted in the Inbox:
* Press R for Reply
* Press L for Reply All
* Press F for Forward

Navigating within your Inbox or an email
* Press B for bottom of Inbox / email / message
* Press T for top of Inbox / email / message
* Press Space to go down 10 messages

Writing an email / SMS
* Press and hold a letter to make it a capital
* Press the space button twice to finish a sentence and auto add a full stop

BlackBerry running a little slow?
*  Alt+L+G+L+G which means press and hold the Alt key and then press the L and G and L and G consecutively
* Press Menu and select Clear log

Hope that makes your BlackBerry world a simpler, more effective one.

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