Attempts to gain access to your data through illegal means is an activity that is increasing at an almost exponential pace. To put this into perspective a new Phishing site is launched every 20 seconds. The bad guys attempts to get your data is getting ever more innovative.

For example you may receive an email for any of the following examples:-

  • Apple or Microsoft asking you to confirm your password for security reasons
  • A well known brand asking you to collect a prize.
  • A well known content provider like Amazon asking you to accept a free subscription
  • From the Oscars offering you free viewing of the Oscar nominee movies.

There are countless ways they try this and they are looking for you to click on a button that takes you to a legitimate looking site and enter usernames and passwords so that they can then infiltrate and work out how you operate often with the idea to impersonate you and get money somehow.

Very rarely are these targeted specifically at you or your company but almost always these are opportunistic.

My advice would be to never click on a link in any email. If Microsoft is asking for a password reset in an email then goto your normal Microsoft Login and reset your password that way. If Amazon is offering you free content then go to your normal Amazon account and look for the special offers there. If someone is offering you free movie access don’t do anything as it is illegal.

Avoid Getting Hacked

In addition to this advise the best way to avoid getting hacked is to ensure you have the basic security in place.

  1. Multi Factor Authentication for any online system that supports it.
  2. Complex passwords for all your accounts.
  3. Different passwords for different accounts.
  4. Good antivirus and malware protection on your computer.
  5. Update your computers operating system and patches

If you do the above 5 things you will already be better protected than most:-

  • 74% of companies do not use multi factor authentication
  • 83% of people have weak passwords.
  • 59% of people use the same password for their accounts
  • 25% of all computers have no antivirus
  • 40% of all companies use outdated operating systems

Also consider this : Using Microsoft Multi Factor Authentication prevents 99.9% of all account hacks. It is really simple and not difficult.

It is unlikely you will get hacked because you have high security and someone was determined to get in. If you get hacked it will quite simply be because you have not got your security properly in-place.

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