Are Artificial intelligence (AI) Spotting Fake News???

Soon after the horrific explosion that occurred in Beirut the dark side of our world kicked in and specifically two things occurred that seem to be an ever increasing trend in times of crisis:-

  1. Actual photos and videos of the event are edited and manipulated to accommodate a different and often more sinister story line. Regular media and social media are excellent avenues for the distribution of material that explains a story line a way that educates and informs the reader. However like many other instances in the case of the Beirut explosion some video’s were edited to support a very different agenda. Specifically to include a missile to imply it was an attack rather than a tragic accident.
  2. Donation or charity sites in the name of the disaster pop up over night pertaining to provide support for people affected by the tragedy through the public kind generosity. Whilst there are many sites set up by genuine people with a purpose of generating funding to help people in these situations there is a darker element to our population that looks to exploit these situations.

The problem with the above issues is that it currently takes too long to realize that something is fake and then it is taken down or deleted. The problem here is that the damage is already done. The video or image has been seen and shared thousands of times or the donation site has received thousands of donations before it is closed.

The solution to this is, in my opinion, AI. This would be a real tangible solution where artificial intelligence can speed the process to identification down from days or weeks to minutes. I believe the there is already sufficient technology to handle point 1 above and with some ingenuity point 2 also.

We need to eliminate fake items on the internet looking to take advantage of people so that people are viewing real information or donating to real websites.

Make the world a better place and eliminate this issue through technology.

Written By Phil Aldridge 

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