All of the FunctionEight team were absolutely delighted that our Director of Sales Hundah Chan was able to recently hand over a brand new iPhone 7 Plus to the wonderful Kirsty Pocock (from our existing client TTB Partners).  Kirsty read one of our recent eNewsletters and noticed something quite important.  For quite some time we have been running an incentive offer of a free iPhone 7 Plus for a successful referral to a lead that turns into a retained client.  Thanks heaps Kirsty for referring Niatross Investments Ltd to us.  We have assisted them with their initial office setup, some equipment purchases and are now also doing their monthly IT support.

Anyone else out there keen on putting a new iPhone 7 Plus into their pocket??

Just incase anyone has still not received the original details as to this offer, here they are again

FREE iPhone 7 Plus – Referral Offer

At FunctionEight we understand the importance of doing a good job and the referrals that come from that. Therefore in order to recognise the value that a referral represents we are offering a FREE iPhone 7 Plus 128GB model for every referral that leads to a signed IT Support Retainer in Hong Kong and/or Singapore. If you have a referral for us please email to so we can follow up and get you your iPhone as soon as possible. T&C’s apply, check with us for more details.