Review your Passwords

There have been many high-profile data breaches in the past few years.  In some cases, this has been on a massive scale like Yahoo, Marriot Hotels, Sony and E-Bay to name a few.  A quick way to check if you’re at risk is by using the website this will tell you if your email address has been potentially compromised.

Regardless of whether you show up as being compromised it is always a good idea to review and update your passwords, particularly for access to services which could cause you financial loss.  One option with the ever-expanding requirements for passwords would be to use a password manager.  Here is a handy summary of the best services out there to assist with password management.


Millenium Bug (for those that remember that far back)

On the non-tech end of the spectrum I saw recent warnings to be cautious on dating contracts, cheques and other documents in the year 2020.  When using a short format 13/6/20 the date format could be open to manipulation to 13/6/2023 or 2009.  This issue will not prove to be as lucrative for the IT sector as the risks associated with the change of the millennium but is worth keeping in mind.

Gamify your NY Resolutions

If you’re like me and often find my best laid plans for a healthier and more productive year are long forgotten before Valentines Day, then why not try  This website and app will allow you to input your goals, share objectives with friends and get rewards for completing your tasks.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and here’s to a prosperous 2020.  If you need support with your IT please contact me at or +44 07985 686688 and let’s meet up for a coffee.

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